The fierce competition in the hospitality management

Along with the growth of the hotel industry, the competitive struggle between hospitality enterprises is intensifying. And although the requirements for the order and quality of service are standard, hotel guests still feel the difference in service. How do we organize hotel service in order to attract and keep as many guests and organizations renting conference rooms for business events as possible? Technology service in a hotel is a set of services provided to the guest and provided in a certain sequence from booking a room to check out, from transfer to food delivery to a room. For each of these services is a whole system of prescribed actions and rules, which are not fulfilling, it is difficult to expect an increase in customer loyalty, and hence an increase in profits.

Considering the criteria for which the customers choose the hotel for the second time

In the first place is none other than the observance of hotel service standards.

  • On the second the location of the hotel staff to the client.
  • On the third the design and interior of the hotel.

What kind of service is considered quality? According to international standards, quality is the ability to meet customer needs, both explicit and implied.

The generally accepted criteria for the quality of customer service at a hotel

  • Warning guest expectations.
  • Work stability
  • Staff competency
  • Understanding and responsiveness of employees.
  • Their availability for contact.
  • Timely informing the guest.
  • Security
  • Attentive and individual approach to each client.

The quality of services in the hotel is the cornerstone of the entire hospitality industry, and therefore one must consider how it affects the hotel’s profit and reputation.

How the quality of services affects profit margin

Improving the quality of service in a hotel and maintaining it at a consistently high level is not an easy and costly task. But carrying out all the necessary measures in this direction pays off and brings an increase in the hotel’s profitability with a competent approach to innovations. After all, if a client leaves the hotel, fully satisfied with the service, then not only can he himself become a source of steady income in the future, but also his friends, colleagues, relatives, whom he will recommend this hotel. Thanks to the research done, it is known that it takes five times more to win a new customer than to keep the old one. And this difference includes, above all, the cost of a set of marketing activities. This is one of the important evidence in favour of increased service. To improve customer service in a hotel, additional services may be required. For example, the introduction of an online booking in an average hotel raises its profit by 8%, profitability by 24%, and the delivery of an order from a bar to a room (room service) allows you to increase profits by 6%.

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